the night swells
with the falling snow
winds carrying each particle
to lay them down
in layers like fabric
loosely woven and turning
gathered and cascading
down the long legs of the land
light through the windows
and my own shadow mingling
with the fresh white coat
nestled between the evergreens
tomorrow will bring the empty tracks
left by small animals looking for food
their wanderings unseen until they are
safely tucked away in the deep branches
and hidden holes
for now, the snow is unbroken
untouched for the moment
this peace unfolded and laid out
for anyone to see, if they choose to look
like me, forehead pressed to cold glass
the snow grows higher in the corners
of the window
i can trace my breath with my finger tips
as it clouds the glass
fatigue sets in as the last trace
of day dressed in the dark folds of night
and I will soon lay quietly
like the roses under the snow
waiting for spring


Leigh-Anne Tyson


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