take this

Take this
blade from my hands
Balanced steel along the finest edge
As careful as possible
Yet blood is drawn
On a moonless night –
is it too dark to see
The flame within?
Not even the questions live long
Before they crash with everything else
To the earth
This is –
It is not me
The shell,
the walls,
the glass,
the untruthful truths

Now in ruins
Lolling in the dust
I watch the droplet well and spill
To form a stream to the lowest point
Like water flows to the sea
What of your sisters blood,
that dance
Along the polished face
Held now at my eyes
Turn and leap
Into the nothingness
like the rest
Or let me taste you once
Like a warm sweet kiss of life
Before disappearing
It is the blade that cuts through
Superfluous layers
And the core simply
To overflow
doves have buried their heads
Under their wings in deeper shadows
It is only the sound my breathing
Quickening to
The rhythm of withdrawl
Like silk now between fingertip and thumb
I look to see where the print can be left
Indelible, forbidden
Dressed in the dark clothes of
Now while the world sleeps
You blood and blade united – the oath
Unbroken in this bond
Not even time undoes the knot
Where do you go tiny droplet, stream
To your ocean?
May I come with you…
Leigh Tyson


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