wanton visitor

Hey You!
Sneaking passed the corner
Of the window frame
Sitting smugly
In the corner
Behind the untouched lines
Of curtain strings
That I had forgotten to tie back

I know you from the lines you throw
Against the floor at my feet
Shadows pulling you outward
And smashing you against the wall
Until you careen to the ceiling
I look to see where you’ve gone

Wait – hand out to steady myself
I must sit down from the shock
Of your sudden embrace
Let me catch my breath
Recover a moment’s disbelief

Where have you been that
You now smell of spring?

The air is sharper
I know you.
I know
The clouds have flown
And you’ve dressed the sky
In different blues

Flirt. You are shameless
In your taunting stares
Why should I believe you will stay
After months of being left alone
Broken hearted
Stop trying to hold me
Your warmth does not hide
Your carefree ways

I am jealous of your light
la tyson
© 2010


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