growing circles

Along curves, where tears flow, I walk in growing circles.

Words to prop me upward, keep my head above when drowning threatens, are hidden in the spaces between where I write. Pen ink spills the heart, a stain on the white page, like a knife through the vein.

Love has


Into the crevices and cracked concrete.
Yearning for deep black earth, fertile soil to slip into. Calling to nurture the unseen

Like a seed – knowing all it needs to know to grow. No questions, no doubt, no holding back.
No flower blooms in the dark.

Re-mind me.

Re-mind me

Re-mind me

Yes to Change, my only constant. You flow into the lowest places, gathering in the pause before leaping through me like water over a stone waterfall. You are moving me.

Hope threads itself through the gaps – pulling together arms, legs, heart, soul. Capture the red line on the horizon, just before dawn.

Oh, to you, the new day. I am waiting for the wing to extend and touch the sky. You are calling me. I let go into this moment, heart soften, flowing in circles.

Water turning over stones and sharp edges.

Thoughtful, hopeful, thankful


Along curves, where tears flow, I walk in growing circles.

© 2010 Leigh-Anne Tyson


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