Only explore red words
And you will
Remember yesterday as breath
Deep like bones


Secret coupling
From wholesome to shadow
Who brings the lies home?
Cut frame one breath
Kills life – shunned


Dark sad windows
Prisoner blind reproached
Word idle but deep
Like a cup of
Brilliant universe


Devoured breath
We laugh wildly
Peaceful quiet lament
An angel embraced
A question


Broken window yesterday
Remember every kiss must
Bleed clouds
Sacred heart circle
Gazes on


Bellow for heart – shy woman
Make glass poetry
With a long wild sky
Listen, think
Always one more shunned fish


By brilliant day
We did live it out
This liquid word magic
Fire drawn down for good
Air clean like cut grass


Remember morning
With light pierce
The quiet heart breath
Life gazes
Always from eternity

*made with http://www.twittermagnets.com – random inspiration


3 thoughts on “Gogyohka

  1. Hi Laurie,

    Thanks very much for reading! I am getting back to writing after taking a break for awhile. This short five line poems just kind of fell through my fingers. Felt so great to be in that flow again 🙂 hoping to share more sometime soon.


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