Soul Conversations ~ listening, seeing

I am listening

Me: are you?


Me: no you aren’t. you are looking at me through the lens of that Argus. How old is it?

it’s vintage.

Me: no really? How old is it?


Me: yes that is old.

I told you

Me: what do you see?


Me: when you look at me?

your boots

Me: my boots? Why are you looking down?

it’s what I do.

Me: I think you are lying.

I can’t lie. I don’t lie.

Me: ok fine, don’t get defensive. Do you really see my boots?


Me: I thought you said you did.

I was lying.

Me:that’s not fair.

that’s ok. It’s not meant to be fair.

Me: whatever

do you want to know what else I see?

Me: not really. How can I know that you are telling me the truth?

I don’t know, that’s not my problem.

Me: what do you mean? Not your problem? C’mon you just lied to me. How am I supposed to trust anything that you say now?

I am not asking you to trust me. That’s your problem. Do you want to know what I see?

Me:It’s not my problem. I don’t trust you. Why don’t you take a hike?

Sure I can do that. Just tell me you don’t want to you know what I see.

Me: I don’t want to know.

Are you sure?

Me: Yeah of course I am sure.



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