at the edge of knowing


I only know you at rest, raindrop,
Alone or in the complex veil of descent
the endgame of your life
Shining jewel dancing on emerald velvet
Or a thousand kisses that
Fall against my upturned face
Your birth a mystery
Unknown to me,
The pattern of your life
Sacred geometry
Beyond my small awareness
Even your union with your brothers and sisters
In the lower corner of my yard
I know only of the end result
Ah raindrop
You are the witness of my own life
More than I am of yours
Looking through your mirror
My world is turned upside down
Briefest moment
Before the sun comes out
To bring you full circle.


At the edge of knowing
You, grain of sand
I did not know the boulder you once were
The deeply set heart of earth
Worn away by the wind and falling rain
You count endless days
In your crystal labyrinth
Each turn I am lost further
In your beauty
Lost without any sense of time
Where is your beginning?
Where is your end?
Even now as dust almost
Waiting to be carried by
Even the lightest breath
I want to cradle you
To know you
Who dances in the sunlight
On my open palm
When the waves crash over you
You are lost to my eyes
In wider sea of brethren
What time has passed in your falling
What house has folded in this shifting?
Molten heart in a dress of ancient liquid fire
That rose to greet the day
Cooled by a gentle touch of air
Tiny grain of sand
The world is built on your shoulders
You are the witness
When it all falls apart.



At the edge of knowing
You, breath
Long and shuddering
I did not know your birth, breath
Deep within the womb of my soul
Entwined with the heart
Tandem dance
I would follow you down
Below – endless circle
Down through my own trapped voice
Down to the darkness of my belly
I cannot face
Up and fly beyond these lips
Until I am nothing more than air
To rise over the shifting ground
Turned endlessly with the wind
Worn to nothing
Grain of sand wash over me
Thirsty no more
Drop of rain wash over me
Until I am nothing more
Nothing but free
With you
To fly


©Leigh-Anne Fraser 2011


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