i just need to write
something that
feels beautiful…
to paint a picture
with words
to reflect images
that float and turn
in my mind

i just need to write
something that
cuts through
the haze and confusion
that slides through like
a sword so sharp
limbs fall off quivering

sometimes ….
there are no words

the shape of the letter,
the space in between
and the pounding
thunder in my heart
collide then scatter
like an explosion
remnants left in tiny corners
with no one to collect them
no one to gather the threads
and weave the story
back together
not so others can understand
but so i can.

these words are for me
and in my arrogance i believe
they are for others,
never for me,
how can i deserve them
if they come from me?
if they fight and claw
their way out
in the deepest part of the night
force everything to stop
so i can scramble
to find a pen and paper
how can they be mine?
but of course they are.
who else?

there are no words
words are all there are.



Lei Fraser


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