to you

In darkness..
the listening is like breathing.
In and out.
Like a wave.
I stood once on the beach
in Monterey.
A stranger,
a tourist
in love…
but the soul knew.
You in this moment.
Reaching out and remembering.
I have barely lived.
barely breathed
barely lived
Except for in this moment now.
Sad to travel with the sleeping
The road knows. I knew.
We flew past the avocado farms
and the foothills
I remembered
in the last moment
to breathe
And the ocean rose up
love. please
Who do we listen to
The mouth breathers
Or the lovers?
Myself, I prefer the lovers
Who wrap themselves
Around the moment
hold me close,
And even when it passes
I, in the next breath

leigh-anne fraser

october 12/12


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