I grow in shadows

warwick ca

I grow in shadows
toes dipped in wet sands
and running water
protected under broad arms
trees with their ancient stories
and a song
from the deepest parts
of the horizon
told to me in the passing
of each gentle wave

I listen as the crest rolls
and touches the shore

I listen as the birds fly over
calling to each other

I listen as I come undone in the sun

I grow in shadows
they cling to me like threads
of a long dress
pulled away by the flow
exposing the skin to the air
until that me disappears

You will find me in the crevices
the cracks and broken places
where the surf falls
where shadows seep between the grains

oh my heart, you will find me there

in the last sun of the day
waiting in the light
waiting to soar
as the first stars bow
to the night


leigh-anne fraser


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