I want to remember every minute



I want to remember every minute
like they were snapshots placed
lovingly on the pages of an old album
so they become worn by thumbs
turning the pages,
faded by sunlight from sitting out
so long on the coffee table

I want to remember every breath
the ones that I missed
when you kissed me
the ones that fell away
when you looked into my eyes
the ones that perched on my lips
when you held my hand

I want to remember every word
every look, every feeling
because in the shortest heartbeat
I looked in the mirror and saw
someone I had never met before.
she was new, smiling and full of wonder
and I want to remember her
most of all

leigh-anne fraser


Published by Leigh-Anne Fraser

writer, poet, photographer, artist, illustrator, knitter,friend and fine pancake flipper

2 thoughts on “I want to remember every minute

  1. Isn’t it wonderful when deep heart connection leads to the deep heart of ourselves? The immense discovery of being seen and seeing our own magnificence? Remembering who we reallly are: Love Divine.


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