toast as universe

going through some old files tonight and came across this piece called ‘toast as universe’ I wrote it in 2003. I am not sure why, but it made me laugh.

Out you flew from the toaster
Transformed by coiled electric heat
Here I am rushing to accommodate you
Without burning my hands on the crust
Spreading carefully to the edges
Crushed peanut paste and raspberry jam
There is honey too but I will save that for
Another morning …
After laying you out on a plate
Winnie the pooh stares at me through the cut
I made to divide you in two….
If I kept the divide – would I always have half of you?
I wonder…
It would be nice if the portly bear would stop to stare
Don’t you think?
Oh I have remembered another poem I wrote
To a peanut butter sandwich ( I will find it somewhere
Hiding in a box perhaps waiting to be shared ones again)
Your old counterpart, not toasted but still a favorite
Bedtime snack (before the universe snatches me away
To spread me out like the same peanut butter here, waiting to be
Digested ….
Someone shouted a little
Asking for that part back that is spread out across
The universe … I think maybe I’ve spread myself too thin
to return sometimes …
It seems I have scraped the last of the jar
and laid the contents out in front of everything
in nothing I find myself ( emptiness )
once again….
back to you toast, sir, waiting so calmly here
soon consumed you will be there still, in my belly,
in crumbs across my chin and all over the counter
(I am such a dainty lady)
Recycled there is no loss of your existence
Or mine for that matter
Returning is no effort
It just is.


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