noise in the channel

the Mississippi


Noise in the channel
Clouds in the sky
Storm on the horizon
Absence of why
I want you to sing
The song in my soul
But your eyes are wandering
My heart is larger than the smallest whole
What you do not see
Has nothing to do with me

Noise in the channel
The lazy and broken scream
Miss the beat my love
And fall to the wayside
I am lost in the melody
The life that I left behind
Don’t ask me to explain
I am the sky
And the rest only weather
Let me sit with the silence
The space in between
Even noise must breathe

Noise in the channel
Tell me please,
the half truths, the lies
you insist on sharing
let yourself believe your voice
is the one that matters
for all the anger and fear
the unwanted and left alone
until when you are stripped of all
and left only with your noise
tell me then what do you hear?

Noise in the channel
Let it be joyful
Let it walk the soul through
The rich fields touched by spring
Fly through the vast summer sky
Rest under Autumn’s bough
And sleep in the wing of winter
Let the noise of silence stir
The deepest part of your heart
Until all there is left is a motion
A song, a note, a melody
That we can all sing.
and love
and live

la fraser


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