Happy National Poetry Month!

walking through the lotus ponds

I realized this morning, thanks to a friend, that April is National Poetry Month. I don’t know who decides these things, or what nation it is celebrating but when it comes to poetry, I think everyone should join in. I make no guarantees that I will be able to share a poem a day for the next thirty days, but I am going to try.

I have written a lot of poetry over the years. In brave moments I have thrown together small collections of poetry to share with my offspring as they got older, and have certainly shared a lot of poetry here.

Thunder of a Butterfly Wing was my first collection. The title reflects the sound that writing poetry creates in my head; the pounding, relentless crashing of words and thoughts needing to be written; balanced thinly on the edge of butterfly wings.

Between digging into the archives and writing something new this month… I believe this idea is about to take flight.



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