in conversation


in conversation
with the sea
I stood with day’s end
and listened to the waves
drowning in their song
I heard nothing else
not the soft lullaby of
the pale setting sun
not the coo of birds
hiding in coastal flowers
I heard nothing but the beating
of my own heart
until I was gone
and only the sea remained

in conversation
with my soul
I stood at the edge
of the estate
wandered in the darker lines
and abandoned buildings
breathed in the faint, heady scent
of who I used to be
I saw nothing else
but the spaces
until I was gone and only
only soul remained

in conversation
I stood with emptiness
arms thrown wide to
the night sky
under a canopy of silver
and listened
to my breath
the last one and the next
I felt nothing else
and there was nothing left

leigh-anne fraser

March 2013


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