Inner Sky {I}



Sun light traces
Shadow lines down
Along my arm
Patterns match the trees
Towering over me

I am the leaf
Laying gently on
The soft ground
Carried by the crisp
November wind

Under the Inner Sky
Where clouds pass lazily
Before the azure jeweled sun
Where the gift of rain is born
To fall to the soil
To quench the thirst of hidden roots

I am the stone
Lodged in the river bed
Worn smooth by the flow
Touched by the passing
And kissed by the sunlight’s reflection
In the waves

Looking behind, at a glance
The path appears
under the sea of other leaves
fallen before, one on top of the other

I cannot recognize myself there
One step or the other,
The turn of footprints
Or even where the path stops
And the rest of the forest begins

I am instead the wing
Carried by currents
And sudden gusts
Rising upward
Between the land and inner sky
To see not only before or the path ahead
But the land, leigh-anne
In its entirety
Leigh-Anne Fraser


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