sitting in semi-darkness

Day 5

Sitting in semi-darkness
While they sleep
Intravenous drips
‘It is cold going into my hand”
Yes and the needle will leave a bruise
Beyond the door
People come and go
With their sickness and pain
I chat with the nurse
While she finished with the line
Stories of past visits
Other patients who had
Unique accidents
Humour draped in absurd
Sometimes you have look for it
Sometimes the levity is the best medicine
I read Japanese
While they rest
My mind wanders
Past the florescent light
Past the soft, reassuring voice of the doctor doing rounds
Past the waiting room
Filled to capacity
We wait for the meds
To work
The first tale is about
A dragon waiting for a warrior
Brave enough
To kill a centipede
Who terrorizes his family
One day a man sees the dragon
And is not afraid
He doesn’t run away to hide
He listens to the dragon’s request
They hear the giant insect
Coming closer
The brave man shoots twice
Both arrows fall away
Then he remembers something
He learned a long time ago
He licks his last arrow
and lets it fly
Dead center shot
Into the head
The dragon gives him gifts
To thank him for saving his family
A pot always filled with food
And other treasures
The man always humble has
Just what he needs
to be comfortable and live
I ask if the meds are working
Not yet
The cocktail has not finished
Its journey
The arrow will find its way
Just need to be patient

#napowrimo2019 #poetry


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