[yellow notebook]

still has the price tag on the back neon orange sticker warning me that for a $1.99 broken wounded lines will scatter themselves in black ink visible in the sunlight scrawled over torn pages until the crisp cover is worn down a hundred days of verse upturned by the rage of existence separate me from … Continue reading [yellow notebook]


I wake before the sun again listen to the passing train wind its way into the city through the trees and sleeping streets to greet the downtown blue-violet sky not ready yet to welcome the soft pale pink tendrils of morning into its grasp pull the blankets around me against the chill a few moments … Continue reading swift

anything to say

I threw down the dusty bag untied the cord and pulled the fabric wide golden face of the sun, white orchids and blue morphos greeted me, a whisper of what remains unsaid old photographs, half-finished stories, unsent letters fill the darker folded corners and I, I am left still looking to see if I have … Continue reading anything to say

50 before 50

It seems like a lifetime ago now, but it has only been ten years since my last birthday project when I wrote forty stories before I turned forty. To honour my fiftieth birthday next month, I decided I would put a gallery together of fifty pieces of art that I created before I turned the … Continue reading 50 before 50

I did not ask

I did not ask  After the sun had left For anything Not in the darkness Or the darkest part of the night As the rain fell outside And sirens wailed Somewhere in the streets I did not ask one word In the stillness  Within the walls of Concrete and plaster But I lay within listening … Continue reading I did not ask