sitting in semi-darkness

Day 5 Sitting in semi-darknessWhile they sleepIntravenous drips‘It is cold going into my hand”Yes and the needle will leave a bruiseTomorrowBeyond the door People come and goWith their sickness and painI chat with the nurse While she finished with the lineStories of past visits Other patients who had Unique accidentsHumour draped in absurdSometimes you haveContinue reading “sitting in semi-darkness”

I read the long shadows

Day 4 I read the long shadowshere as I bathe in the deep forest airlike cards spread outalong fallen trees and soft mosswhat does the spring breezecarry to meas the sun plays in the canopy?a message of hope?of love?of healing?a warning?the ants do not carebusying themselveswith their workwalking well traveled pathwaysthe fish do not carebusyingContinue reading “I read the long shadows”