Rita and Henry

Rita leaned against the whitewashed brick wall and adjusted her boots. She bent her leg up slightly and pulled on the leather tongue and then ran her hand along the back from the heel. The black leather was smooth under her touch.

“Rita” Henry called. Henry and Rita had been friends for almost ten years. There was a time when they both thought there was something more than friendship between them, but they thought it at different times. In spite of the awkward moments of unrequited love, they remained friends. Rita ignored Henry.

“Rita!” he called again. He stood holding the door of the cab open, waiting for her.

“Oh hang on. My feet hurt. These new boots are killer.” Rita said, as she finally made her way to the curb. Henry laughed.

“Yes, yes they are. We are going to be late.” He said as he ducked his head and got into the taxi before her. Rita slipped in beside him and slammed the door shut. She turned on the leather seat to look at Henry.

“You look good. Like that black shirt. The graphic is awesome. Brave man to wear a chandelier.” Rita said, making no move to hide her smirk.

“Oh shut up, you know it’s not a chandelier. Scrolly bits and swirls. It’s cool. Fuck off” he said, with mock pain in his voice. Henry flashed a wide smile and patted the lapels of his jacket. He gave the address to the cab driver and leaned back on the seat.

“Where are we going again?” Rita asked. She fished in her purse for her lipstick.

“Didn’t you check your email before meeting me?”Henry asked, shaking his head. Rita looked at him over the black rim of her glasses. She raised her eyebrow and shrugged as she touched up her lips. She smeared the pink cream with the tip of her finger to blend it in with the red she was already wearing. With one fluid motion she closed the lipstick and tucked it way as she leaned into Henry. She looked up at him with wide crystal blue eyes.

“No, I didn’t of course. Tell me what fabulous place we are going to get lost in tonight” she asked sweetly, reaching out one hand to look at her perfectly manicured fingernails. They were hot pink to match her hair. Rita smiled up at Henry. The cab suddenly turned a corner sharply. Rita reached for the back of the front seat and held on. Henry braced himself against the door.

“Whoa man! What the hell are you doing?” Henry yelled. The cab came to an abrupt stop. The cab turned to them both.

“$35.50” the man said, holding his hand out. He tapped the meter with his fingers when Henry hesitated. Henry snorted. He took out his wallet and paid the fair. Henry muttered under his breath. Rita did not wait. She was already standing on the sidewalk. She looked up at the sign.

“Here?!” Rita exclaimed as Henry got out of the cab. Henry smiled slightly.

“Yes, here.” He said and led Rita up the steps of the Lotus restaurant.


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