First, a little explanation about twiction. I first started to write twiction almost four months ago, at the end of March as a writing exercise – a way to challenge my brain to create a story in under 130 characters. On Twitter (ahh now you are starting to get where the name came from) the maximum number of characters allowed for a post is 140. with the hashtag #twiction – it reduces the space for story writing to just 130. I like challenges, and when a friend of mine suggested that I call it twiction – I happily adopted the name. Now, I’ve no idea who first came up with the name, nor do I really care. It’s just a name after all 😉 Well, I have written 40 or so stories now, whenever the spirit moved me, and last night was the first night I broke the rules (bad me). Just thought I would share this renegade story here. If you would like to read the other twiction, you can find them here:

What I love about doing this kind of flash fiction is – quite often the twiction leads into a much larger story. This new one will definitely fall into that category:

twiciton 43

‘I told you never, ever bring it up again’ he said,slamming his hand on the table. Jack watched his brother. The truth hung in between them.

‘I swear, I don’t want to hear another word about it from you.’ Danny shouted. Jack walked started to walk away. “Brothers stick together”Jack did not turn around when Danny yelled his name. One more day, and he would not have to hold his brother up. One more day and he’d fall. Fall like a stone in a river, flowing so fast that there’s no time to rest in the mud on the bottom. Then the truth will come out.



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