misted fields bathed

misted fields bathed
in autumn gold
leaves glisten with the morning

lines of sunlight breaking
through the trees
cut the ribbon of road
winding through
swirling and dancing

gossamer thoughts
float in amongst the hovering
passing like walking
through spirit

i cannot be still in this stillness
even the birds can
in their morning slumber yet

i move with the winds
down and along the gravel road
when it turns
and leads away from here
this one moment so perfect

then gone
with the rising sun
and another day

this mist like the day
holds everything and nothing
a breath of life
that waits
and falls away
with the warmth

i long for that moment of clarity
which lets me see
just as things are not
as i want them to be.

the falcon cries to warn
of its hungered flight
and even its wing is hushed by the
cloak of morning

all too soon i am gone
turning again along the road
and i breathe in as i pass
while the light dissolves
my reflection in the mist


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