Unsent Letters – Twelve Days of Christmas – II


Illusion is not the gift that I would give to you today, on the second day of Christmas. Today I am reminded at every turn about duality.  The separation from the source, the longing and loneliness that comes from feeling separated, isolated and lost in the illusion. Instead, my gift for you today would be clarity.

Tonight I stood outside in the cold, watching the sky. I could hear the river flowing around me, and the tall pine trees moving in the wind. I turned my face towards the sky and watched the stars. I watched them knowing that they were brighter because I was alone in the darkness, away from the bustle of the city and artificial light. The stars clustered together and danced and were brighter still because I knew that you were standing under the same sky with me. I suddenly felt as though I had reached out to hold your hand, and you were there to hold mine.

Tonight while we stood holding hands under the stars and empty sky, I thought of the gift of clarity. This gift, today, is for seeing yourself as the truly beautiful person that you are.



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