Unsent Letters – Twelve Days of Christmas – XII

The sky is heavy and darkly grey this morning. Even though the rain is falling outside my window, my heart is full. The twelfth day of Christmas arrived quietly. Together we have shared the morning, each in our own way, in our time. My thoughts are like a many pointed start moving out in different directions – to you, to others, to the world. Filled with love and deep peace myself, this morning I hope that my gift has reached you.

Oh my heart, I would hold you closely for the rest of days, and protect you. I hold you closely but with open fingers, so that you may fly with the wind to where you feel you need to be, in the hope that one day you will return… one day. I cannot take on your pain, your suffering as my own – though I would if it were allowed. Instead, I share some of my soul that flow out like star bits to you, in the hope that it might carry you forward, upward, to where you need and want to be.

On this last day, my gift to you is of healing, and the peace that follows closely. Today, let there be peace. Let there be hope. Let there be love.



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