a night without

quiet stillness
wrapped unwrapped
not meant for comfort
not tonight
but for opportunity
to hear
to listen
and to see
the difference in where
the two meet

and where
they meet
where do they meet?
there is no comfort
not there or here
mind responsible again for
leaving the rest awake
at times
but then focused

what is done is done
what must be done
will be

life falls
through the water
like sand
falling to the ocean floor
and laying itself out
in layered piles
clumps that slump
against each other
waiting for the years
to harden them into
something beautiful

but now
maliable and shifting
with the waves and currents
no neat pieces
falling together
and that
that is ok.

a night without
and not knowing
what is missing
Leigh-Anne Tyson


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