it is not wise

it is not wise,
a voice mentioned
as I opened up the book
turned to an empty page
and held the pen
ready to begin
it is not wise to write
when your fever climbs
and your head aches
to the point where it is easier to sit
eyes closed, to type,
then read later
but this way, after trading the pen
for the pc
I can feel the words from my toes, slowly climbing
and count then the typos
when I hope my eyes again
ah – I typed hope instead of open
an interesting mistake
I tried to correct and typed home
instead – perhaps best to just leave
hope where it is
you realize that no one will understand
the point of this – and why you are not
taking better care
what defines better now?
when the Scot in me
stamps her foot and says dammit
I will not lose to a microbe and plus
I am not losing – just frustrated
that I am spending more time asleep
than awake – after not being able to sleep
this irony is annoying
perhaps it is time to take the tools
close the book
unplug the rest
close the eyes again
and pray tomorrow’s sun brings
a reprieve
no more typos.
time to sleep
this is as useful as a chocolate teapot


la tyson


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