being stalked by a song

It is the words that stick in my mind
With the notes intertwined
Another thought trailing through
Attached to my heel like a piece of toilet paper
Embarrassing – yes
And yet still unnoticed at first

Why did you find your way a thread
That has woven itself into the very core of me
It isn’t the rush of memory and ideas that
Blow passed me like a sudden gust of wind
Taking my skirt and pressing it against the skin
Of my bare legs threatening to expose
It isn’t the sudden loss of breath
Realizing that it is not only this moment
But every moment leading up to now
That brings me to say to you
Yes, things are not right since I left and
Never again will be
That my life – such that it is
Is incomplete and empty now
And that whole
Will find no filler
I won’t allow it
I would rather be empty
Empty than fill it with something,
Someone else

You song, I blame you for this
Though it is the pain that I need to carry
With me for each of my remaining days
I won’t forgo the consequence
Really though, I love you song
For opening my heart again
When I have refused so long
To bare it again
However scarred
In the dress of notes and letters
And harmonies
My soul sang along
and wept
For three minutes and 28 seconds
and beyond the wall of time


Leigh-Anne Tyson


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