under these stones and moss

Under these stones and moss
Looking for lost and forgotten
Undefined by a name
And yet imprinted
On my waking mind all the same

Turn this one over
Sparkling in the half light
The world below disturbed
By this abrupt change
Effort proven fruitless

No reward
Just another emptied stone

You life are waiting for what?
An invitation in gold?
Well yes that would be very nice
Don’t you think?

Look this other stone has sunk
So deeply in the warm soft soil
Cupped so lovingly in the belly
Of the earth –
Do you dare to pluck it out?

Where is the boundary of the forest
That gives way to the meadow, to
The mountains, to the sea?
Where is the line ? is there one?

What of this gaping hole
A mouth attached to an even
Hungrier soul waiting to be fed
Now that you managed
To pry away another stone
You had no business touching…

Life – time to let go now
Of the rope
you have been taunting
Yourself with
Leave the stones and moss
Where they lay
Let go and live.


Leigh Tyson


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