forgive me

I felt the words catch in my throat
Clamoring to be first
And yet somehow stopped
In a spiraled gate – unspoken

Behind the soft light of the fading day
I find myself speechless
Torn between the words I want to say
And wanting to say nothing

Voice – unused with no way
To be truly heard
Unsure and retreating
In silence there is safety

Pages unwritten lay before my hands
Ink safe stored within the case
Fingers idle, thoughts rampant
Heart on fire

The hours march by my head
Pressed again upon the glass
Looking outward
Memories pulling backward

Eyes closed or open
This ache will not leave
I will be empty in this place
No apology can fill this whole


The moon, unknown mystery
Waiting to be solved
All of this I throw to you
Throw up and out of me

Nothing is as it feels
The ocean breathes
The waves move
Flow forward, return
To the centre
And again

Forgive me


Leigh-Anne Tyson


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