to spend the last few hours

To spend the last few hours
Of light, my love
At the feet of another day
Is a kind of privilege
That is not lost on me
I have spoken of You here
In poems and fragments of thought
Spun out of the deepest part of my soul
Like opening my hands
To release a thousand butterflies
I have watched my words
My feelings, my heart take to the sky
In erratic flight
Beyond me
Beyond the paper upon which I’ve written
Beyond my control, my will
Where they land, how they are heard
These seemingly random threads
Has little I realize, if anything
To do with me –
I wish that it did
Even for the smallest of moments
If I could guarantee
The direction of the wind and its clarity
That these words would reach You
To tell you I have found the strongest reflection of You
For that moment – my one and only wish is this
That you would know
How much I love you
Even now, just as the words
Leave my fingers
I know it can never be
Now, with the shadows growing longer
And the water in the fountain sings quietly at my elbow
– the poplar leaves rush like waves through the wind
And carry with them the sound of an invisible sea
The evening lifts me to the sky
Will it ever be enough …. Just to love you
The question weighs heavily on me
Even though I have failed in so many lifetimes to be heard
Even though I know it cannot be
Even if the knowing exists in a place where words will never reach
Tonight, in this fading summer light
I say to you once more
The simplest words I know
I love you


Leigh-Anne Tyson


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