You are drunk
In your silence
You,  full moon parading
Through the night sky
Shining silver
And spreading the disease
Of lunacy about
Flailing hands and glib reply
I am too tired, too spent it seems
To see the remotest mirth
In what troubles me
There is no comfort
In misplaced laughter
When I find my foot step
Out alone again
Because the world is too busy
With other things

Not even am I asking you moon
To stop your reveling as you
Carouse with the trees
Leaving them bare in the
September night
No – not even you can let rest
My head or let the words stand as
They do
Misunderstood perhaps
And somewhere in the silence between
I long to be drunk too and forget
This damned eternity that I have chosen
Sick on the instinct of flight
And folly to feel the tears well up
Again and again
Because I was not enough
For someone to stay
When I need just one person
To be near
Just one
Besides my annoying self
Attachment to living
Yes that I have
And want simple companionship
While I watch the world
In its haunting beauty unfold
In front of my eyes
But no
Under this shining face
Yours ever the same
Unchanging over centuries and
Beyond the reaches of time
Things remain and
I spend another night
Feeling sorry for living
This selfish life of mine
And wonder what I did
To make it so
One day I will understand
One day I am sure.
Maybe in the end that is
the only thing to do
Just laugh

because nothing else
makes sense.

la tyson


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