there is no end

There is no end
In the centre of this breath
I can’t imagine
What is lost
Passed the edges of it
Where unattended parts of me
Tumble into the unknown
Unnoticed, uncared for
No end
And yet

The beginning is tucked
Into the folds of right now
In the creases of pages
In shadowlines
Chaotic and brilliant
In the candlelight

It is not lack of imagination
That I keep myself from creeping
To the edges of this breath
Tracing them with
Memories and dreams
Other remnants that drift
Like loose threads through me
Watching over with tentative eyes
Half scared half curious
About all that I have missed

Notes unplucked, unscored, unsung
No end
In the centre
And the turning flame, like the candle’s
Draws from everything around
Taking me with it
Until nothing remains
Nothing at all
Except the breath

Leigh-Anne Tyson


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