hello Life, hello

hello life –


Life – in a child’s voice
Small and innocent
I call to you
Call to you
Not for answers right now
Not the sage or saviour
But just to hear the echo
Of your reply in the corridors
Of my heart

Sisters of mine
Your voices are gone from
My ears
These days – I don’t blame you
For leaving
The path you walk
Is your own
We all walk in our own way
My heart is heavy all the same
As your footfalls grow fainter
The love and nurturing that I once felt

Life – I lay my head at your feet
While the night sky turns above
Your counterpart is never far I know
Watching as you do
The stars dancing in the night air
I have felt to kiss of dew in
Early mornings

Brothers of mine – oh brothers
Of mine
Your silence envelopes me
Your ever evolving, changing selves
Give me strength
In moments that take my hand
And hold me – our paths
Cross in long winding loops
Wide arms reassure me
Guide me, comfort me
Hold me forward

Life – all I have needed
Wandering through
Is here – the rest
So unnecessary
Loose like chaff in the wind
Pieces of me too will fly
Leaving the core to remain

Hello life, hello

You and your partner never far
In the twilight of myself
I will sit with you both
And let the world
Wash over me
In my own voice
The song continues

Leigh-Anne Tyson


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