just enough

Just enough
Enough and now the print
Drips down just like blood
Seeking the lowest point
Gravity an indifferent enemy

Edges of the page halt the progress
Not the end but leave me
Lost in the lines once again

Inner soundtrack roars
As I trip through each one
Disorder rides through on
My back

Just enough
Enough and now the threads unravel
Bare skin exposed – body unbound
Rain pounds the window
Like a lover desperate to enter

Romantic discontent with the world blurs
What lies before – malaise
Inherited through the content of the day’s page
Another and another – words disjointed and

Letters, collected and assembled, bleed the last moments
And I dip to the flashing
Slow and languid signs – electric pulse
To replace what is absent elsewhere

Just enough

Enough and now the glass threatens to spill

In my haste to close the paper – fold it away

And close the light but my fingers
Can’t stop the flow

Tonight everything reminds me to stop
Enough – my unused voice says simply
It’s been just enough

Leigh-Anne Tyson


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