in last moments or first ones

In last moments or first ones
Where are the words
To express, the tools that
And in the telling in the most
Crucial and important
They lay like beads
Scattered and fallen
On the floor
They have fallen into
The cracks between
The boards and rolled
Into the corners of the room
But you must know
That it is there that my life lies
My love, in the littlest round curves
Of glass – coloured and playful,
Waiting to be collected, strung
It strikes me in this falling
And sudden loss
What is required of a moment
Beyond a touch
Of the heart
That you, in not knowing directly
From my mouth or touch or song that
It is love that sustains me
That carries me forward
In the last moments or the first
When it is not the words that matter
As they play in the corners and smaller places
Please just know this
And let it be enough
For once…
– I love you.


Leigh-Anne Tyson


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