here the turn goes with the notes floating
from finger tips beyond
eyes yield little in the faded light of evening
cords that drag in the water
turning in the current
where is the truth the lie
there is no mirror no matter how we try
and yet what is clear
life ends, there is suffering
and it is missed completely
by those still looking
for the mirror as proof
the cords drag more deeply
carrying debris
while the blood of thousands
fills the soil
precious lost again and again
it isn’t enough that it spills
not for those who want
justice .. justice not for the fallen
never for them
the river rolls its insides
over and over
polishing stones, and clearing
clearing with no judgement
the leaf is here
and then I lose sight of it
as it flows around the bend
even standing still along the shore
while the water’s edge
moves and changes
without intent
cords and all
not even a simple witness
any longer to the arrogance of
shadows and veils
I have to sit and rest here
while the music flows along
beyond me with the water
to the sea
to the sea
and beyond……..
it is the sound of this water
rushing by me
that somehow calms inspite
of the constant clamour
the arrogance of activism and
ignorance equals the
arrogance of fear
and the death consequent
considered equal to the death
of innocent
when life is only measured
in scales tipped with anger
fire and fear
the outrage is inaction
the outrage is ignorance
the outrage is reaction
it is easy to sit
behind the lines
not even near the edge
and say this and that is not
to those who say that is not
and this is
while the children and their mothers
die and weep
weep and die
while the argument
life dwindles
and the river swells
and swells
and swells
this flow
turning and rolling
boulders to pebbles
to tiny grains of sand
that bejewell
the ocean’s garments
and cools even the
most raging fires
like a soothing hand
to a fevered brow
here though while the last notes
fade like an old photograph
left in the corner of a bookcase
images as powerful as punch
fade leaving the web
of entanglement
bruised battered
the flow unending
and the rest
no rest insight

la tyson


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