oh, in this dying light

Oh, in this dying light
I am lost
The sun makes the shadows
Sharper and I –
I am simply caught between them
How is it that my life
Cannot be forfeit
Or at least shoulder the burden
There are so many suffering
And yet my shoulders
Can’t hold enough
I would kiss your lips and
Raise you up
Let you soak in the rays of the sun
One last time before you leave
I would bleed for you
If it would give you more time
With your children
With those who loved you
More than life itself
I would die for you
If it would give you one more day
To say goodbye and make amends
The dreaded and strangling stated
That pulls you tears you
Tears me into two
Separate and yet whole in the same
Yes I am pleading now
In the darkness unspoken
Wordless and divine
In this passing let you go
In the arms of love and light
To guide you
Through everything
That is to come


Leigh-Anne Tyson


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