Torn between
The leaving and staying
The left behind and going forward
Letting go
Letting me
What breath is left
And can this end now
With the passing of the breath
From hear to well beyond
I am sorry I was not a better daughter
A better sister, a better mother
A better person, a better friend
To make you proud
It is the child in me crying out now
To hold you and hear you say
Maybe for the first time
That it will all be ok
But in this silence
The sense has flown
With the sun
as night descends over us
If I can’t stop your pain,
Ease your way
If I can’t do this one thing for you
Then I am useless
How to let you go
To carry on with the next day and the next?
To wake and rise with the sun
And carry out my day
Each step through it knowing
That you
You do not know
When the last
Breath will come
True you say, no one knows
I do not
Though in quiet moments
I know just as well as you do
When that time is for myself
But you know that in the time
When the wings begin to unfold
In that time when the pain of birth, rebirth
Is almost too much
I will never
Leave your side


Leigh-Anne Tyson


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