out beyond the sea

Out beyond the sea –
This is where I look
When I am standing on the shore
But if I was out there where would I look?
If I sat, in perfect balance with each wave
Like a petal fallen from the stem
Just after the time of blooming
Rocked in those unseen arms
Cradled unwittingly
Where would I look
Which direction?
To the sky who’s broad face
Would smile endlessly down over me
Or out to the tips of my fingers
Extended in every direction
With only ocean in sight
Or down
Down past my own reflection
Looming deep to where the fish
And other creatures of the sea
Live, lurk and wait
What is plain of course leaves me breathless
While the other
The other, in its unknown splendor
Leaves me shivering
But doesn’t stop me from looking
Watching, feeling, wondering
What lays below beyond the reach
Of the sea


Leigh-Anne Tyson


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