to you

I know who you are
And then don’t because
I choose to wander with my eyes
Half closed and stupid
And not my heart
You – it’s like looking around a corner
Using the glass shattered on the ground
In front of my next step
To show your reflection before
I make the turn
Oh – you are not as elusive as
I’d like you to be
Dressed in the clothes
That I thought I had discarded
Not wanted
Even forgotten
I would set each of you
So fancy in your pants and
Mocking faces
Along the edge like
Chess pieces ready to be toppled
Except I lack the cleverness
To win the contest
I would just be the indignant child
Sweeping the pieces off
With my forearm and fist
Ah you – it is comfort that I seek
In looking at you like you are
A mirror of myself
Searching in the wrinkled corners
Of your eyes, the hollowness of
Your smile – looking for something
That has long since eluded me
Except for in dreams or other such
It doesn’t matter now
You can tottle off and leave me here
To sort it out
The sun, the moon, each on its own path
And I am just the witness
To it all – including you
Yes – it’s not a good ending for
A poem that never ends with you
I know


Leigh-Anne Tyson


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