portrait of you

This portrait of you
Sitting before me
Framed and tilted on the tabletop
Makes me wonder about the
Rest that is not found here
Eyes watch back
From the smooth edge of the paper
The edges will yellow with time
The sun will fade the ink
And the glass will bubble
All this to distort the image
Captured in an instant

This portrait of you
Before me in black and white
In shades of gray
I was not prepared for
But accept without hesitation
The light through the window
Draws shadows across the desk
And as the day unfolds
The lines change and leave
Your face partially hidden
Even through the shadows though
It is your eyes that hold me still

This portrait of you
Could be the last remaining fragment
That touches my fingers
One day and
The rest – a memory
Or a future unfulfilled
Neither matters to me
Only now
As you sit here
Before me
Just long enough for me to say
In my heart, my soul, I love you



Leigh-Anne Tyson


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