this moment I

This is the word
Not that or my finger pointing
But this
The smallest detail is the whole
And I – I am left numbed
In the recognition
Of myself
In the dew drop
This is the heart
That broke
And that is the wing
That it flew
On and please
Please don’t tell me
It was me who broke it
Who ran and crashed
Into the wall
This is the eye
That saw the blazing
Fire beyond
My own sight
The path that wove
Its way through the swamps
And deep forests
Please don’t let me
Fall into the dark waters
If I lean over too far
To see my own reflection
This is the mind
That gave up and
Chose the lone road
Not knowing where it is going
And I want to know
I want to feel
And see
And love
That is the dream
That gives me


Leigh-Anne Tyson


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