to life

To life,
the bell marks out
the length of days,
the longer breath of shadows
that fall over footsteps and heels
impressions in the soft dirt path
sun rises and sets
moon rises and sets
sometimes, sometimes
change comes
between the two

To life,
the liquid chrysalis
over time changes only in the pause
between each moment
moving through moving on
moving forward

To life
this life
this everything

madness unwinds itself
sprayed along the walkways
and through half-opened windows
along busy streets
around corners

both sides of the mirror waiting
the glass clouded and uncertain
unpolished and dirty

To life, when the distance
gapes in wide-mouth fear
direct line to the heart
electric pulse a warning –
the bell counts down days
minutes, seconds
beat by beat
until here is blurred again
the chrysalis hardens
waiting love, waiting

To life, when the violence of existing
extends beyond harsh words, indifference,
intolerance, misunderstanding…
reaching to the center where the soul
where love lives

To life – when the fresh spring breeze
across the fields, the first buds in the trees
the sun warm against the skin are not
enough to chase away the dark stench of fear
here I pray for the impossible – that tomorrow
will bring light to the hopeless corners
understanding to banish fear
and love that heals like clear water falling
over hands from a mountain stream
what cannot be seen, or held or heard

To life, my love, to life.


January 5, 2007
Leigh-Anne Tyson


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