walk in love

walk in, love
into the night
while the moon wanes
and paints the sky canvas
with silver fingertips
walk among the dew-kissed grass and roses
sleeping now with everything else
why walk here…
why when the night draws itself out
and shadows have no sunlight
to dance with ?
walk in, love
into the garden
to listen to the world breathing
one breath
one breath
we lose our words
in this night
under the summer moon
ideas curl up in the burrows
with hopes and fears
and just for this night
under a canopy of stars
there is stillness
that touches the skin
walk in, love
no more searching
or wondering
no more doubt
no more fear
for life is in the details
the dew on a silver line
of spider’s web
the cool night breeze
that makes us shiver
the snuffling dog at our feet
that licks our toes in greeting
the kiss that makes everything right
here, in the garden
walk in, love.
~ Leigh-Anne Tyson
© 2010

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