40 before 40 – done and done

I did it 🙂 On February 18th, the day before my 40th b-day, I finished the last story for my 40 stories in the 40 weeks leading up to my 40th year of living. Felt really good to complete that goal for myself! The entire list of stories is below. The last story was an interesting one – and I will be revisiting it, perhaps to expand it into a much larger story than it is at the moment. All of this was a fun little project – and while my milestone b-day has officially passed, I am looking forward to the next forty stories that I write!

1. Rita and Henry
2. A night fear – beginning
3. Not me, climbing inside
4. Winnie and Naomi
5. in the garden
6. shouting to the valley below
7. closed
8. Appassionata
9. alone
10. a complicated kindness
11. Lizzie and Arthur
12. In passing
13. tapping
14. stretched
15. Tristin and Willow
16. Brass Lock
17. so like hi
18. Tegan and max
19. Coming unravelled
20. A place between the tides
21. morning coffee
22. Fingertip to wood
23. Confessions
24. What I do not want to write about
25. Starling
26. Birds and Invented Cages
27. Seven of Poetry
28. Twelve Days of Christmas letters
29. beginning
30. Charlie
31. Madeleine’s Ghost
32. Inviting Fervour
33. The Retreat
34. African Jewel
35. Liam and Kira
36. Aubin – White Palace
37. Every Day
38. Little One and the Mountain
39. What Remains Unsaid
40. Outposts

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