the floor is sunshine

I came home tonight from work, tired, sad in a car that was going on fumes because I couldn’t find a gas station that wasn’t lined up onto the street (don’t ask me why – since it is Thursday, not a holiday weekend but there you go, everyone including me needed gas tonight. yippeee!) When I walked into my house however, my gloom disappeared because my daughters greeted me with hugs and a song “the floor is sunshine”. They (the girls and their friend) invented the line during one of their marathon hang-out sessions… it was a mash up from Edie Brickell’s Walking on Sunshine and I have no idea what else. It doesn’t really matter where it came from – the floor is sunshine is officially my favorite phrase of the week, possibly the month. Think about it – the floor is sunshine. What happens? Nothing. My brain shuts right off. It’s a brilliant koan from my “little” masters.

Made me smile anyway.



One thought on “the floor is sunshine

  1. The floor is sunshine. What a beautiful line! You should put it on your refrigerator magnets, right? I was just down by the river tonight looking at the sunshine and thought “the river is sunshine”. It’s good. Hope you are well, Leigh-Anne.


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