found notes

I was just flipping through the apps on my phone, which I clearly don’t use some of them often enough well at least not the note app anyway. I found a list of notes that I have made myself… the last one was 273 days ago… yeah I know.

273 days ago: “Your coffee shouldn’t feel like a dare” – CBC Radio2 announcer Bob Mackowycz  on the day that Starbuck’s announced their pot sized coffee…. I totally agree.

372 days ago: “My heart ticking like a bomb in a birdcage”  – no clue at the moment who said/ wrote this, but I love the image that comes to mind when I read it.

389 days ago: “Never gonna give you up! Never gonna let you down” Neva gonna run around and desert you!” – Rick-rolled by my youngest daughter. Made me laugh out loud in the middle of a meeting when I realized she had written the note to me. Never gonna delete that one.

414 days ago: “What if we woke up one morning and the sun didn’t come up” …. I wrote this at 7:57 am. Not sure why this question was in my head – but it’s giving me a headache to think about it.

538 days ago: two song lyrics/ titles…. “What good is a mirror without a face” by Royalwood and The circle only has one said by Travis. both good songs now on my regular play list.

I like this app. Making a note to randomly add to it, and then forget that I have it…. in the hopes that one afternoon when I have no paper handy I will open it up to make a note, and rediscover the little gems I just found and more.

that is all.



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