day 3: snow, coffee and writing my heart out

day 3… I am grateful for:
1. snow. I went outside this morning to find another two inches on the ground and everywhere. beautiful.

2. good coffee. Now that I have found the perfect grinder I never have a bitter cup thanks to a brilliant friend. (thanks again Andrew!)

3. that it’s Friday and tomorrow I will have a new desk to write at!

4. to have a head full of stories waiting to be written…


This morning I woke up to a fresh blanket of snow. About three inches fell/ blew over my yard and driveway. When I went outside the air was crisp and fresh, the snow soft and fluffy and everything was hushed because it was very early morning. I love fresh fallen snow when there are no footsteps, no tire tracks, no trail. This morning there was only one set of tracks that came through the drive – rabbit tracks, which means the hawk will likely be back this afternoon if it warms up. One of the commitments that I have made to myself for this coming year is to get a desk to write at (instead of having my laptop always perched on my lap. I was pricing desks out and was going to buy one this weekend, but now won’t have to. A desk that my father does not want will be coming to me tomorrow. I will be putting it to very good use. I am as grateful for the desk as I am for very good timing.It may seem a bit silly, but the other thing I am very grateful for is good coffee. More specifically, good ground coffee. I am not a coffee snob. I can’t tell you how to make a venti ½ whip low fat double espresso back flip that is at 150C or whatever. I just like a good cup of coffee. Simple cup of coffee with two cream, nothing else. I don’t like bitter coffee. If lights could have flashed and bells went off when my friend Andrew let me know about a burr grinder he bought then everyone could have seen how happy I was. It is always great when friends share something they find with me – especially when I have been researching a purchase to find the right machine for the job. The grinder was a Christmas gift to myself and I have used it every day since I got it.  It’s a nice way to start the day off.





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