30 days of gratitude: rising to the challenge

I just wanted to share something that my friend Kathy Drue, who is a wonderful writer and keeps a beautiful blog called Lake Superior Spirit, shared with all of her friends on Facebook as well as on her blog. I came across her 30 days of gratitude challenge on Tuesday and jumped right on board. Here is the challenge that she has given us:

“I am going to post on Facebook (and elsewhere) things I’m grateful for–for the next 30 days. Anyone want to join in? (If you really want a challenge–post four things you’re grateful for each day. You’ll be grateful for 120 jewels in your life by February.”

So, since Tuesday I have been posting four things that I am grateful for each day. Coincidently, the challenge came exactly one month before my 41st birthday. I can really think of no better way of spending the next thirty days sharing some of the things I am grateful for each day. I decided to create a separate blog for my 30 days of gratitude because I would like to continue even after the 30 days are up.

Anyway, here’s a link to it if you are interested:

30 days of gratitude

thank you  😉



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