day 6: is it really almost -30C outside?

Lake Erie yesterday – brr!


Yes, yes it is. And that is why I am grateful for sweaters and scarves, in particular a beautiful thick sweater that came all the way from Ireland that I plan to wear today because I have been frozen since yesterday. I woke up at 2am last night, I think because it was so bloody cold. I was tempted to get up and find a toque to put on, but I just buried myself in the blankets instead.

Being awake in the dead of night for no good reason (like getting up to use the facilities or comforting a child who has just woken from a nightmare) is a unique opportunity to think. The “being awake” part is not being entirely awake and my mind just wonders and wanders aimlessly until it finds something to jump on. Sometimes these early morning/ middle of the night moments bring insight into something that has been bothering me. Last night was one such night… I am grateful for those moments.

I am also very grateful to not have had a sniffle since the winter started. *knocks on wood again and again* There are some nasty flus going around and colds that seems to swoop in suddenly and knock people out. Hopefully it is something that I will be able to avoid for awhile longer. I am in no mood to be sick. Plus, I don’t have time for it. Which brings me back full circle to being thankful for sweaters and scarves. I am going to go and put both on now.


today I am thankful for:

1. sweaters and scarves
2. waking up at 2am for no reason
3. not being down with a cold/ flu at the moment *knock on wood*
4. moments that allow me to see myself as I really am




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